Hernia Mesh Patch LawsuitIncisional hernias are a complication of surgery that creates a visible bulge along an old scar. In many cases, doctors implant hernia mesh patches or plugs to fix the hernia and reduce the risk of it returning.

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What is an Incisional Hernia?

Incisional hernias occur when a scar from an old surgery opens up under the skin. Intestines or fat squeeze through the hole and create a soft lump or bulge along the scar. They are common, accounting for 10-20% of all abdominal hernias.

What is the Risk?

There is a 3-20% chance of developing a hernia from midline incisions (up and down) between the breastbone and belly-button. The risk is less than 2% for lower abdominal incisions.

Hernia After C-Section

Incisional hernias after C-sections are rare. They develop within 10 years in approximately 2 out of every 1,000 women who has a cesarian delivery, according to a study published in PLoS One.

Symptoms & Warning Signs

Incisional hernias can take a few years to cause symptoms, but most develop within 3-6 months after surgery while the scar is still healing. They look like a soft lump or bulge. Some patients have no symptoms, while others experience tenderness or discomfort when standing or lifting heavy objects.

What Causes Incisional Hernias?

Incisional hernias can occur in anyone who has abdominal surgery. They are very common in women who get pregnant or people who gain a lot of weight soon after surgery. Anything that increases abdominal pressure can cause a hernias.

Risk-Factors for a Hernia

  • Pregnancy (especially with twins, triplets, etc.)
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Straining excessively (constipation, urinary problems, etc.)
  • Fluid in the abdomen
  • Persistent coughing or sneezing


It the hernia contains intestines, there is a risk of “strangulation.” This life-threatening complication occurs when the intestines are pinched by surrounding muscles and lose their blood supply. The symptoms include severe pain, vomiting, and redness on the hernia.

Tests & Diagnosis

Incisional hernias are mostly diagnosed during a physical exam by a doctor. If there are any doubts, the patient may need to have an ultrasound or CT scan. This is sometimes necessary when the hernia is small or the patient is obese.


Incisional hernias do not heal on their own. Surgery is necessary when they develop under a long scar, grow larger over time, or cause complications. There are “open” and minimally-invasive surgical techniques. In both cases, the patient is anesthetized. The surgeon pushes tissue inside the abdominal cavity and uses stitches to close the hole.

Hernia Recurrence & Mesh Patches

Even after being repaired, about 5-20% return and need another surgery. In some cases, hernia surgical mesh implants are stitched under the scar. This reinforces weak tissues and helps prevent the hernia from returning.

Do I have a Hernia Mesh Patch Lawsuit?

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