Hernia Mesh Patch LawsuitHernia mesh helps prevent hernias from returning, but they increase the risk of surgery complications like chronic pain, infections, organ damage, and needing another surgery.

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Hernia Mesh Surgery

Surgery is the only way to fix a hernia, but there is a high risk of hernias returning and needing another surgery — a complication is known as “recurrence.” Hernia mesh reduces this risk.

What is the problem?

The problem is that hernia mesh increases the risk of long-term surgery complications. In one recent study from Denmark, long-term complications occurred in 4-6% of hernia mesh patients compared to less than 1% of non-mesh patients.

Not All Mesh Made the Same

Some hernia patches cause more complications than others. In 2016, Ethicon pulled all Physiomesh patches off the market after two large studies in Europe found higher rates of hernia recurrence and re-operation than similar products.

Hernia Mesh Surgery Complications

According to the FDA, the most common complications of hernia repair surgery — with or without mesh — are pain, infection, hernia recurrence, adhesions, intestinal obstructions, bleeding, abnormal connection between organs or blood vessels (fistula), build-up of fluid at the surgical site, and organ perforations.

Complications of Hernia Surgery With Mesh

  • Pain or discomfort
  • Infection
  • Hernia recurrence
  • Adhesions (scar-like tissue that sticks organs together)
  • Intestinal obstruction or perforation
  • Organ damage
  • Sexual dysfunction or urinary problems in men
  • Foreign body reaction
  • Mesh migration
  • Mesh becomes twisted, folded, contracted, or shrinks
  • Mesh erosion into nearby tissues or organs
  • Needing another surgery

Chronic Pain

Hernia mesh can irritate or damage nerves and cause severe, chronic pain. It can also promote scar-tissue that entraps nerves. Up to 30% of patients have long-term chronic pain or restricted movement after hernia repair surgery.

Hernia Mesh Surgery Infections

Hernia mesh increases the risk of infection compared to non-mesh repair. The risk of mesh-related infections depends on many factors, but is estimated to be 1-8%. Mesh-related infections can also spread to the bloodstream and cause septic shock.

Chronic Infections & Delayed Abscesses

Not all mesh infections occur in the first few months. In rare cases, delayed abscesses occur up to 4 years after mesh is used to repair a hernia. These infections are very hard to treat because hernia mesh is a permanent implant that cannot be easily removed.

Adhesions: Scar Tissue After Hernia Mesh Surgery

Adhesions are bands of scar-tissue that “stick” organs together. Hernia mesh can cause adhesions between the intestines and abdominal wall, resulting in intestinal obstructions or chronic pain. Adhesions may not cause symptoms for months or years.

Foreign Body Reaction to Hernia Mesh

Hernia plugs and patches can trigger immune responses in the human body. This inflammatory response is known as a “foreign body reaction.” They are primarily associated with non-absorbable polypropylene (plastic) meshes. Low-level inflammation can persist for many years and contribute to the development of adhesions.

Hernia Mesh Erosion & Migration

Hernia patches can migrate out of position, fold up, shrink, harden, or erode into nearby tissues. It sometimes occurs due to poorly-secured mesh. It can also be triggered by foreign body reactions, inflammation, or excessive scar-tissue growth. Mesh migration is rare and usually takes a few years to develop. It can cause chronic pain and intestinal complications.

Recalled Hernia Mesh Complications

In July 2011, C.R. Bard subsidiary Davol paid a $184 million settlement in 2,600 lawsuits involving people who were injured by Composix Kugel Mesh. The hernia patch was recalled because a plastic ring could break and cause bowel perforations, obstructions, fistulas, abscesses, sepsis, and other life-threatening complications.

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